Rozelle interchange analysis

Rozelle interchange analysis

Community Advocacy:

Using DataBooth’s analytic expertise, we are seeking to provide a data-driven study to quantify the Rozelle Interchange’s impact on traffic congestion and safety.


The opening of the Rozelle Interchange in November 2023 raised concerns about increased traffic congestion and safety risks in the local area.


Our analysis utilized the Transport for NSW Open Data API to explore traffic volumes pre- and post-interchange opening. Advanced visualizations highlighted a significant change in traffic patterns at Rozelle and revealed missing data for other key stations.


The findings provided empirical evidence to support community concerns, leading to actionable recommendations for traffic studies and management adjustments. Our rapid data access and API interrogation capabilities allowed us to scrutinize data and advocate for data transparency from Transport for NSW.

Technological Approach:

Our project used a suite of advanced tools to analyse and visualise traffic data effectively. These tools allowed us to:

  • Organise and clean the data for clarity.
  • Create interactive maps to visually represent traffic data.
  • Generate easy-to-understand interactive charts to drill down into the count data.
  • Efficiently handle the volume of data.
  • Provide clear logs of the analysis and any errors.

This approach enabled us to deliver clear, actionable insights into traffic patterns with a view to support the community’s advocacy efforts with precision.

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