Minding the gaps with open data

Minding the gaps with open data

Small to medium enterprises, like your business, may lack the data that they need to solve certain problems or to answer certain questions. In recent years, many data sources have been published by both governments and the private sector which you may be able to use or combine with your own data to create value or reduce your costs.

DataBooth can assist you to navigate the open data landscape and rapidly qualify or discount open data sets that could be of use to your business.

Case Study

For example, if your business wanted to understand the available parking infrastructure in your local area, it is now possible to obtain a detailed list of parking spot information from the open data provided by NSW Transport.

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Publishing of the Australian COVID-19 dataset. (via DataSette.io)

Here is an example of an open dataset that we have liberated for others to use. https://aus-covid-datasette.fly.dev/aus-covid

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What is an Application Programming Interface (API)?

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